Top Gambling Payouts

Top Gambling Payouts are important for a variety of reasons.  The best online casino payouts usually indicate a higher level of gambling activity at that particular online casino.

Online Activity.....

More online activity places more demand on the casino's random number generators free spinning microprocessor, which then triggers more frequent winning symbols as it disperses through the lower winning symbols that the program is coded with.

How the stats are organized.....

The top gambling payouts posted on this site represent all of the stats organized from highest to lowest of each category for online casino slots payouts, table games payouts and poker payouts.

Casino Groups.....

The top gambling payouts posted here are from data collected individually from each casino member of the Casino Rewards Group and the Fortune Lounge Group, both groups use Microgaming Software and these payouts are effective todate

Bonus Codes.....

The free online gambling bonus codes which are currently available for new players for the casinos from each Casino Page......

Top Gambling Payouts

Slots Payouts
All Games
Yukon Gold 97.88 Yukon Gold 97.9
Casino Action 97.15 Casino Kingdom 96.9
Royal Vegas Casino 96.84 Virtual City 96.7
Virtual City 96.7 Music Hall Casino 96.3
Casino Classic 96.52 Casino Action 96.2
Zodiac Casino 96.5 Golden Tiger Casino 96.2
Golden Tiger Casino 96.44 Captain Cooks Casino 96.2
Captain Cooks Casino 96.41 Royal Vegas Casino 96.1
Golden Reef Casino 96.41 7 Sultans Casino 96.1
Vegas Palms Casino 96.32 Blackjack Ballroom 96.1
7 Sultans Casino 96.23 Casino Classic 96
Platinum Play Casino 96.15 Platinum Play Casino 95.9
Blackjack Ballroom 96.04 Golden Reef Casino 95.9
UK Casino Club 95.99 UK Casino Club 95.7
Lucky Emperor Casino 95.98 Zodiac Casino 95.7
Phoenician Casino 95.95 Lucky Emperor Casino 95.5
Casino Kingdom 95.9 Nostalgia Casino 95.3
Music Hall Casino 95.77 Challenge Casino 95.3
Nostalgia Casino 95.76 Aztec Riches Casino 94.6
Aztec Riches Casino 95.54 Phoenician Casino 94.5
Challenge Casino 95.26 Fortune Room Casino 94.4
Vegas Villa Casino 94.57 Vegas Palms Casino 94.4
Fortune Room Casino 94.43 Vegas Villa Casino 93.8

Poker Payouts
Table Payouts
Royal Vegas Casino 99.07 Platinum Play Casino 101
Phoenician Casino 98.83 Casino Action 100
Vegas Villa Casino 98.67 Royal Vegas Casino 99.2
Vegas Palms Casino 98.5 Nostalgia Casino 99
Casino Action 98.04 Zodiac Casino 98.7
Aztec Riches Casino 97.83 Lucky Emperor Casino 98.2
Golden Tiger Casino 97.8 Yukon Gold 98.2
Casino Classic 97.77 Golden Reef Casino 97.8
Yukon Gold 97.68 Captain Cooks Casino 97.7
Lucky Emperor Casino 97.61 Virtual City 97.4
Golden Reef Casino 97.43 Casino Classic 97.4
UK Casino Club 97.36 7 Sultans Casino 97.3
7 Sultans Casino 97.16 Vegas Palms Casino 96.8
Captain Cooks Casino 96.87 Golden Tiger Casino 96.8
Zodiac Casino 96.85 Vegas Villa Casino 96.7
Virtual City 96.84 UK Casino Club 96.4
Platinum Play Casino 96.11 Blackjack Ballroom 96.2
Nostalgia Casino 96.02 Phoenician Casino 95.8
Blackjack Ballroom 95.89 Aztec Riches Casino 95.5
Challenge Casino 94.73 Fortune Room Casino 95
Fortune Room Casino 94.54 Casino Kingdom 94.6
Casino Kingdom 93.47 Music Hall Casino 94.5
Music Hall Casino 92.19 Challenge Casino 94.3

The stats are acquired from.....

The top gambling payouts percentages are acquired through formal audit done by Professional Accounting Firms, these Firms are appointed by eCOGRA. The payout percentages are then approved, authorized and released by eCogra to each casino.

What do the gambling payout certificates mean.....

The top gambling payouts Certificates for Slots Games, Table or Poker Games are audited for the players assurance that these payouts do exist and to prove the legitimacy of the casino with respect to how it treats their winners. These certificates are honesty insurance for both the players and the casinos. If the Slots figure quotes 98.9% then you know that 98.9 was the portion paid out to all winners for that period of time at the slot games with the casinos retaining a net of 1.1% profit.

Why are some payouts so much higher.....

Most payouts on online games for the slots usually include progressive slot machine jackpots. Top gambling payouts provided under audit are proof of the casino's legitimacy and commitment to fairness.

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