Tips For Online Poker


New Players.....

One of the best tips for online poker players is for beginners to never play in a game that they are not ready to be playing in.    A game can be the wrong one for you for many reasons; it depends on the level of the game you're at.  If you've just started playing,  and are still learning the basic rules of the game, you should be playing on the free tables. Every major poker room offers free play tables when you become a member.

Stay in the free tables.....

Stay in the free tables until you're beating them easily. These games are loose, and as soon as you learn some starting hand selection and patience you'll be able to beat them. Only when they're easy to beat should you consider playing for real money. Once you switch to cash games, you should stay in the lowest stakes games until you're beating them with ease.

Don't buy-in for a large amount of money and jump into a $5/$10 game. Your opponents at these levels are skilled and many will be professional players. Start at low stakes and learn at each level. As your experience grows and your bankroll expands you can jump up in stakes.

Changing gears.....

Changing gears is a concept that means a player should change the style that they play to throw off their opponents. You start to play the opposite that your table image has presented so far in the session or tournament. Skilled players will watch your play and form opinions on your style.    If you've been playing a tight game, and only showing big cards at showdown, opponents will assume that you have big cards every time you're in a hand.

Change It Up.....

Once you notice that players are making assumptions about your play, it's time to change it up.    If you've been playing aggressively, forcing the action and playing a lot of hands, take a bit of time and wait for some big hands.  Your opponents won't give you credit for a good hand because you've been bluffing too much, and you'll be able to win a big pot off them.

Tips for online poker includes that the best players change gears before their opponents have a chance to look them up.   They're perfectly aware of their table image and they adjust before their opponents do.    So make sure you don't play the same style of game all the time.    It won't take long for your opponents to adjust to your style and pound you into the ground.    Keep them guessing, and they'll eventually be afraid to get into a hand with you.

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