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What are Slots Games.....

There are two main types of slots - Video slots and reel slots.  The difference is that Video Slots have more than three reels.  3-reel slots games look like the old-style slots with the 'bar and cherries' for the purist player, whereas Video slots have more imaginative themes, more animation and graphical entertainment.

A slot machine has several spinning wheels marked with symbols. Each time the button is pressed, these wheels come to rest with a random selection of symbols. The object is to earn money by hitting a winning combination on a pay line.   Depending on the machine type, there can be various numbers of pay lines. You will be paid out according to the Payout Schedule of the particular slot machines you are playing.

How do I win.....

The Payout Schedule is a table showing what combinations of reel symbols are valid winning combinations and what they pay out.  When you get a winning payout the number next to the winning combination will be highlighted on your screen. Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled payline only.   If a winning combination appears on a payline that you have not enabled, you will not receive any payout for that combination.  The largest slots payouts generally come from the Progressive Slot Machine Jackpots.

The winnings paid out on the slot machine depend on the symbols showing on any enabled paylines once the reels have come to a stop.  A payline is a line where winning combinations can appear. Some slot machines have multiple paylines.  The more coins you wager, the more paylines are enabled.  For example.....

  • Coin 1 enables the first (horizontal, center) payline.
  • Coin 2 enables the second (horizontal, upper) payline.
  • Coin 3 enables the third (horizontal, lower) payline.

Some machines have 'wild' symbols that substitute for every other symbol, while others have 'scatter' symbols that multiply the payout when combined with winning symbols.

"To get anywhere, or even live a long time, a man has to guess, and guess right, over and over again, without enough data for a logical answer."

Heinlein, Robert

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