Research on Internet Gambling

Research on Internet Gambling

Research on internet gambling is focusing on several key components of internet gambling. Current research is being done on the effects internet gambling has on societies and the economy. Both areas of study are producing interesting, and sometimes surprising, results.

Gambling and Minors.....

One current focus of internet gambling is the effect and availability of this form of gaming to minors. It was originally thought that internet gambling was attracting a huge segment of the minor population. In depth study found this to be untrue. Many gaming sites have implemented strict measures to keep minors from signing on. As would be expected, if a teen wants on bad enough he will find a way to access the site. The numbers of minors on gaming sites though, is lower than previously expected. One study found that only 2 percent of American teens participated in online gaming. While these numbers derived from research on internet gambling are promising it is still important to find ways to continue to discourage underage users. The fact that the internet is anonymous presents a huge problem to properly studying the impact of internet gambling on minors.

Gambling and the Economy Research.....

Gambling and the economy is a new field of study that has arisen with the questioning of internet gambling’s legality. As both states and the Federal Government consider the legal ins and outs of online gambling the focus is turning to the effect gambling can have on the economy, especially during the current economic downturn. Gambling is one of the few business not effected by a poor economy. This is leading many in government to encourage the legality of internet gambling. With the poor economy, people are looking for any solutions they can find. Internet gambling is a tough sell for some in government because of the inability of the government to collect tax dollars from gamblers. These same issues face Indian casinos that are exempt from taxes. Research on internet gambling will be a major area of interest in the coming years. It will effect gamblers and gaming sites. Experts believe that there is no way to put a halt on this growing industry.

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