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The (RNG) Random Number Generators free spinning microprocessor is almost identical to the one in your computer, except instead of running home PC software it runs a program that produces numbers that equate to the symbols on the slot machines.

Free Spinning Microprocessor....

The random number generators free spinning microprocessor is generating numbers constantly as long as it is plugged in.   It produces values between 0 and billions which are translated into a series of numbers which designate a specific symbol on the slot machine. 

The Lowest Paying Winning Symbols.....

One of the lowest paying set of winning symbols will be programmed into the cycle much more frequently than the jackpot combinations.    The jackpot may only show up a few times during the course of the thousands upon thousands of combinations that the random number generator produces.  

Software called Algorithm's.....

Each spin outcome is determined each time you press spin or drop a coin.   The RNG creates these values using software called an algorithm.   The algorithm is a series of instructions that generates random numbers, and can be checked for accuracy by the Casino Control Board to ensure no one is cheated.

The RNG has a very important role.....

The Random Number Generator serves a very important role in online gambling; it function's to select different number combinations to designate which symbols on the reel are chosen based on the number of symbols on the reels.  As an example, if there were three reels and ten symbols on each reel there would be, (10x10x10=1000)possible combinations, this is known as a cycle.

Some believe there are winning and losing cycles.....

This may be the reason some people believe the RNG has winning and losing cycles. Theoretically if you spin 1000 times you should see each combination once, we all know this does not happen. Modern slot machines have 22 possible random stops, therefore the number of possible combinations are in the billions.

Random with no pattern.....

The online random number generators are truly random and any who say there is a pattern, and want to sell you their system, could benefit from therapy or some good medication; it can’t be done. The odds of developing a pattern that consists of literally billions of possibilities is mathematically impossible. For more detailed information on Random Number Generators  please visit this website.

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