Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments


Full Tilt Poker is the only online poker tournaments room conceived, designed and played by professional poker players, including Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

Everyone wants to play poker tournaments, particularly with the explosion of poker in all formats; in brick-and-mortar card rooms, on television, and online.

To address this need, the Full Tilt pros have put their heads together and designed the best online poker environment you'll find anywhere.  Their tournaments feature a wide variety of games, structures, and buy-ins designed to suit all types of players with all sorts of bankrolls.    Whether you're looking to play a one-table Sit & Go (SNG) or a large multi-table tournament (MTT),  you don't have to travel any further than the Full Tilt Poker Game Lobby to find the event you're looking for.

Cash-out Tournaments.....

Cash-out Tournaments follow the same rules as standard tournaments, except that each buy-in is split between a regular tournament prize pool and a Cashout pool.   Players compete for a share of the pokertournament prize pool as they would in a standard tournament, but also have the option of cashing out some or all of their chips before the tournament has finished.

Automatic Tournament.....

Once players reach the final table of a tournament, Full Tilt Poker’s Automatic Tournament Deals allow those players the option of making a deal for all or part of the remaining prize pool.  By choosing either automatic or custom deal structures, players decide how the prize pool is awarded.

Matrix Tournaments.....

Enter the Matrix − a new, higher level of poker.    4 Sit & Gos, 9 players, 1 tournament - it’s unlike any other poker game you’ve ever played before and you won’t find it anywhere else.   With all sizes of buy-in offered, everyone can learn to play the Matrix.

Shootout Tournaments.....

Unlike standard Multi-Table Tournaments, where players are moved to keep the tables balanced as others are knocked out, each table in a Shootout Tournament plays down to a single winner − just like a Sit & Go.    Win your table and you’ll move on to face the winners of the other tables in the tournament.

In a Double Shootout, players have to win their starting table before advancing to the final table. For example, a standard Double Shootout will have a field of 81 players, with the nine table winners moving on to the final table. In a Triple Shootout, players have to win two tables before advancing to the final table.

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