Is Online Gambling Illegal

Is Online Gambling Illegal

Is online gambling illegal is the topic of many current scientific studies. Psychologists, sociologists, and statisticians, along with the government, are trying to determine if online should be legal by looking at the pros and cons of internet gambling.

It Isn’t for Everyone.....

Online gambling is not for everyone. If you know you have an addictive personality, asking the question, is online gambling illegal, does not matter. You should immediately step back and recognize the dangers virtual gambling presents to you. For others gambling is more complicated. Just because a few individuals should not gamble online should no one be allowed to enjoy online gambling? This line of thinking was effectively shot during prohibition. Even though prohibition did not address addiction it did close down many bars during the 1920’s and 1930’s. If bars and pubs can legally serve alcohol which some people can enjoy and some cannot, why can’t online gambling follow?

Easy Access.....

Another reason state and federal governments are focusing on internet gambling is the fact that easy access makes kids the target of internet gambling sites. As with addiction, many studies are focusing on this specific problem. John Agnes has spent the past five years studying the effects online gambling has on society. Consequently, some of his research has focused on underage internet gambling. “The percentage of kids who are gambling online is small,” says Agnes in an e-zine article on the subject. Agnes’s research has shown that the problem of underage internet gambling is not as prevalent as some may think. “They just aren’t out there getting on these sites in big numbers. Sure, a few here and there pop up, but with the online measures parents can implement at home and the measures used by online gaming sites make accessing a site pretty difficult,” stated Agnes in the article. It appears that only about 2 percent of American kids are frequenting cyber gaming sites. This number, if accurate, is extremely low. What is not so obvious is why they are not playing in larger numbers. Is the site too restrictive? Do parental controls work? Or, are kids just not interested in internet gambling? Whatever further research determines to be the reason teens do not spend time online gambling the fact that they don’t is good news. No matter what the reason, studies seem to show that this is one area where kids are pretty safe.

What’s Next?

Is online gambling illegal, will continue to be debated in and out of the courtroom. Current attempts at legislation have proven there are no easy answers. Agnes has gone on record as saying that a new law will have to be enacted before online gambling will be found illegal. There are just no laws on the books right now that can address the issue. Stay tuned for further information on the wrangling in Washington, D.C. over gambling legality.

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