Is Internet Gambling Legal

Is Internet Gambling Legal

Is internet gambling legal or not is a big question on the minds of many online gamers. Many professors, researchers, internet experts, and lawmakers have attempted to answer this question with little success.

Why the Government Wants it Outlawed!

Both federal and state governments have tried to make internet gambling illegal.   Laws have been passed, and failed.   Old laws have been given new life, and failed. Undeterred, the government and lobbyists continue to fight a growing battle to determine is internet gambling legal.

Outlaw Because Of Addictions?

One of the most prolific reasons given by the government concerning outlawing internet gambling is addiction.   The government and their lobbyists point to studies that show an increasing number of individuals becoming addicted to gambling using online gambling sites.

The theories that online gambling can lead to addiction are based on the isolation provided by the internet.  A gambler in a casino is seen and heard; he is usually on the security cameras.   If a person is trying to hide an addiction this public experience does not make him comfortable.   In the past the urge to gamble caused many people to overcome this fear and gamble in casinos no matter what the consequences.

Internet gambling lets a gambler gamble in the privacy of his own home.  The gambler can place his computer in a place where no one else can see what he is doing online.   This isolation, and the behavior that encourages it, is what is felt  leads to addiction.

Why Supporters Don’t!

Supporters of internet gambling point to the same numbers and facts as the government agencies. They interpret the question that asks is internet gambling legal differently.  Supports working to keep internet gambling legal agree that the internet provides isolation.   

Isolation Does Not Lead To Addiction.....

They disagree that this isolation leads to addiction.   According to these experts, the gambler was most likely already predisposed to addiction before he gambled online.  He may have had a previous addiction problem with anything from alcohol and drugs to food.   The internet is just one more outlet for the addicted person to “get his fix”.

The question seems to be “which came first, the chicken or the egg”.   Does online gambling cause addiction to gambling or do addicted gamblers use the internet to gamble. It has proven very difficult to answer this question.

Children and Gambling.....

Everyone who wonders is internet gambling legal agrees on one thing - children should not be allowed to gamble on the internet.  Unfortunately, no matter how many stop gaps an online gambling site institutes to stop underage gambling a few minors will find their way in to the site.   

Stop Gaps From Registering.....

All internet gambling sites have measures in place to stop underage minors from registering, some more stringent than others. Kids are resourceful though; rest assured some will manage to beat the system.

The question, is internet gambling legal, will continue to be argued at both the state and federal levels of government. Keep checking back to find the current state of online gambling’s legality.

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