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Impacts of Internet Gambling

Internet gambling facts have quickly become the focal point of many new research studies. While many of these studies focus on the pathological side of internet gambling, interesting demographic data can also be gleamed from these reports. As the popularity of this form of gambling grows it is interesting to know the facts.

Do You Feel Lucky?

According to several recent studies the more educated you are, the luckier you feel. One very interesting internet gambling fact is that 52 percent of internet gamblers have a bachelor’s degree or higher. When the studies focused on casino only style internet gambling they found that of the 52 percent with higher degrees, 27 percent played only in poker and games of strategy.

Educated Gamers.....

This high number is precipitated by the fact that casino gambling focuses on odds and mathematics, making it extremely popular with educated gamers. This same study looked at internet gamblers who had a high school degree or lower, such as a GED or no degree at all. Approximately 28 percent of the gamblers on the internet fall into this category. Almost 60 percent of these gamblers play in casinos only. This is another high number but the reasons people with less education choose to play in casinos is not the same as those with higher degrees.  People with a lower education level are looking for top gambling payouts.  They may enjoy gambling but cannot afford to visit Vegas or Atlantic City making the internet the convenient best bet.

Single and Lovin’.....

Internet gambling facts from research show that single people are more likely to gamble online than married people. 75 percent of married persons reported that they would not gamble online. According to Jon McCormak, a statistician specializing in the field of internet gambling, these figures closely mimic the real world. Casinos are more popular with singles that with married couples. And, of the married couples who do go to casinos they most often go without their spouse.

Trust the Internet.....

Internet gamblers, as seen by reviewing internet gambling facts, trust the internet more than non-gamblers. Gamblers have confidence in the security measures put in place by online casino gaming sites. This was determined by looking at online purchases. More internet gamblers make purchases online than non-gamblers. Jon McCormak steps in to say that banking is an important factor in determining a person’s trust level of internet security. Most non-internet gamblers do not use their banks online features.

There’s More!

McCormak and his team discovered many intriguing facts about internet gambling during the course of their studies. Almost 40 percent of people who have visited a casino, gamble online. This is a huge difference when you look at the percentage of online gamblers that have never been to a casino – only 5 percent.  Of this 5 percent the majority will visit a casino at some future date.

Online Gambling A Myth?

One of the most important and interesting internet gambling facts to come out of these studies debunks the myth that casino gambling will lead to addiction. While this is known to happen there are many other determining factors. To protect yourself from addiction don’t play online by yourself, ask a friend or partner to join you.

U.S.A Players.....

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