Impacts of Internet Gambling

Impacts of Internet Gambling

The impacts of internet gambling are becoming a major field of study for mathematicians, psychologists, and statisticians along with many national and state level governmental agencies. The interest in internet gambling and its effects on society and the economy has moved to the forefront with the surge of popularity surrounding internet gambling.

Society: Underage Gambling.....

The impacts of internet gambling on society are studied by many sociologists and psychologists in America. The research focuses on gambling addiction and underage gambling. The internet has made gambling available to children through online gambling sites. Gambling sites do not want underage gamblers to sign up and many have instituted measures to discourage minors on the site but an ingenious teen will find a way if he want to get on a gambling site.

Not as bad as it appears.....

Doric Lamb, an adolescent psychologist who specializes in teens and the internet, has recently completed a study on the use of online gaming by teens. “It’s not as bad as it appears,” states Lamb. “The number of underage minors entering these sites is comparable to the number of minors using false ID’s to enter brick and mortar casinos.” And how many is “not as bad as it appears”? “Our recent study suggests that only 2 percent of all teens with online internet access regularly go on online gaming sites. These guys actually have found a way to set up an account and play on a regular basis.” Lamb goes on to report the another 5 to 6 percent of teens with internet access have visited an online gambling site or are curious about them but have never signed up for a membership.

Society: Addiction.....

Other recent studies have focused on the impacts of internet gambling and addiction. To determine if a person had an addiction one study used the following criteria.

* Think about gambling all the time, preoccupied
* Need, not desire, to gamble
* Anxiety when not able to gamble
* Using gambling to escape the real world and problems
* Repeatedly try to win back losings
* Using crime to fund gambling habit
* Placing gambling in front of others, job
* Borrowing from family to pay back debts
* Unsuccessful attempts to stop

To distinguish between addictive gambling and problem gambling the researchers set the bar at 5 of the above conditions. If a person presented with 5 or fewer he might have a gambling problem. 5 or more of the behaviors were considered a warning flag for addictive behaviors.

It All Comes Down To.....

Lamb and his team wanted to know why addictive gambling was prevalent online. A portion of their most recent study was designed to help answer this question. “We went in with the perception that online gaming was popular because it was easy – you’ve got your computer, your internet access, your credit card – you’re ready to play,” says Lamb discussing the original theories of his team.

Education is the basis.....

Education is the basis of intelligent choices and for more discussion on signs of gambling addiction. The study results surprised Lamb and his team. Once the study was completed they found that the biggest of the impacts of internet gambling was the fact that with a computer a person can gamble in private. “The results were surprising but make sense. Of course a person wants to hide his addiction. Our next efforts will be using this information to help addicted gamblers get help,” sail Lamb as he summed up the research.

Studies continue.....

The impacts of online gaming will continue to be studied over the next few years. While fun, it is important to keep an eye out for any addictive behaviors. It is important for all online gamblers to strictly monitor their spending and their behavior.

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