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USA Gambling Internet Laws is a question many Americans want answered. It seems that for a while online gambling was home free. Then, with urging from many different arena's, it became illegal. Following this turn of events, the laws forbidding internet gambling were deemed illegal when it came to gambling online.

Where are We Now?

Internet gambling laws indicate that currently internet gambling is legal. There are no Federal Gambling Internet Laws on the books preventing Americans or Canadians from gambling online. But the questions about Gambling Internet Laws, are still being considered by lawmakers on both the federal and state level. At this point the only USA Internet Gambling Laws and Regulations are on the State levels. In order for internet gambling to be found illegal a new law must be enacted.

Research indicates.....

This sums up thousands of research hours completed on the subject by John Agnes, an internet expert and researcher. Agnes and his team have studied the effects online gambling has on society and economy. These studies included an in-depth look at the question is online gambling illegal. Agnes states, “the laws that used to stifle online gambling just have not held up in a court of law. The Federal Wire Act was the biggest ammunition the Federal government had and major loopholes were uncovered when it was applied to internet gaming.”

The Federal Wire Act.....

The Federal Wire Act is a long and complicated law that was passed 40 years ago. The law focuses on interstate gambling and wagers. Anyone who used the telephone or telegraphs to place sporting bets was immediately found guilty under this law. But does it apply to the current Internet Gambling Laws? No, says Agnes. “This law was turned over almost as soon as it was adopted to make internet gambling illegal. Loopholes were found everywhere. The one that got it overturned was the most obvious. The Federal Wire Act applied to sports betting while internet gambling is considered to be a form of games of chance instead.”

The Impact on Society.....

One of the major reasons the government is fighting to make online gambling illegal is the negative effects they think it has on society. Addiction is the number one concern of most state and federal agencies. They claim that internet gambling makes it much easier to become addicted to gambling than brick and mortar casinos. This theory has been found to be both true and false. Yes, say experts, the isolation provided by the internet makes it perfect for online gamblers to become addicted. And according to some current research many individuals are becoming addicted to this form of gambling. 

The Proponents Research.....

Proponents of online gaming disavow this claim and have their own research to back them up. Their opinion is that these individuals would become addicted anyway. If the urge is strong enough they will find an outlet for it somewhere. The proponents go so far as to say this doesn’t make addiction acceptable but they urge the government not to punish others because of a few. Keep tuned in to find out which way the law goes next. There are currently bills before the house that many hope will answer the question, is online gambling illegal, once and for all.

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