FAQ Illegal Internet Gambling

FAQ Illegal Internet Gambling

FAQ Illegal Internet Gambling discussions are held by millions of American Citizens and other Countries as well . While it is well known that certain U.S. states allow casino gambling, internet gambling is not so widely understood.  To reassure gamers, and people who want to gamble, experts say that there are no federal laws in America or Canada that restrict or prohibit internet gambling.

Is Online Gambling Legal State by State?

Professor I. Nelson Rose, an expert in the field on internet gambling, says, “No United States federal statute or regulation explicitly prohibits online gambling, either domestically or abroad.” This interpretation of the law has many states taking on the issue of the legality of internet gaming.

In 2006, when the Internet Gambling Act was shot down at the federal level many states attempted to employ its precepts locally, and many FAQ illegal internet gambling discussions were held in forums and news stories. Public opinion and player support groups are causing the politicians and economists to look more closely at this issue. Many states stepped up publicly against this issue and asked “is online gambling illegal?” when they felt it could affect tourism in their state. If traditional casinos begin to see a drop in business due to internet gambling it becomes a tourism problem for the entire state and could lead to the loss of millions of tourists’ dollars. Several states report concerns about this due to the fact that the market is un-taxable. They have tried to find loopholes to ban internet gambling in their states but most of these efforts have failed. 1961 It is hard to imagine that a law conceived in 1961 would have a major effect on the internet.

The Federal Wire Act of 1961.....

The Federal Wire Act of 1961 has been quoted as an answer to the question “is online gambling legal”. This specific act prohibits gambling over telephone wires or by telegraph. Fortunately for internet gamblers, this law was found to not affect internet casinos. The law, when read, prohibited only sports betting. Representative Barney Frank is trying to get the United States Treasury Department to make a statement defining internet gambling before all the FAQ illegal internet gambling questions can be answered. He feels that an unnecessary strain has been placed on U.S. banks by attempts to make internet gambling illegal. Senator Robert Menendez wants online poker to be recognized separately from other online gaming so as not to have its legality questioned. He is backed in his efforts by the U.S.A. Poker Association. The thought behind this movement is that poker is a game of skill and does.

Gambling and the Economy.....

It will be interesting to see where the current political maneuverings lead. As the economy of the country worsens the forces against internet gambling may find themselves reconsidering. Gambling is one element of society that has proved to be untouchable during past financial crises. Kevin Pohl studies the question, “is online gambling legal” and notes this downward turn of the economy and the connection that can be made to the internet. He compares the current efforts to shut down internet casinos to the push to shut down casinos on Indian reservations. According to Pohl, the government was not receiving tax money on Indian casinos and wanted them shut down. “It’s the same thing with Internet gambling. If the government cannot get a piece of the pie we should all suffer,” says Pohl. For now internet gambling is legal and the question is, will the attempts to resolve all the faq illegal internet gambling discussions, be answered soon? U.S.A. Players please go to International Masters of Gaming Laws and view gambling internet laws listed by State.

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