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The Euromillions European lottery is drawn every Friday evening at 21:30 CET (20:30 GMT) in Paris, France. Normally participation in a national lottery is generally limited to the residents of that particular country, but the Euro Millions lottery pools the stakes of the participating European countries and is not limited to the residents of any one country. This obviously makes the prizes a great deal larger than in national lotteries even in normal circumstances. But because the main prize pool is “rolled over” to the next draw if there is no jackpot winner, prizes can - after a few weeks without a winner - be as high as 50 million Euros, if not larger. You may choose your own numbers using a EuroMillions Number Generator or the numbers generated from the Lottery System described below.

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Euromillions Lottery System.....

There is a Lottery Selection Software Program System that guarantees you will win 8 out of the 10 times you play the Lotto. This particular lottery system is based on algorithms produced for any game you choose. In fact, it works for any type of lottery game....From 3 ball games to 10 ball games...From 15 numbers to 99 numbers...

There are only 2 requirements to operating this very user friendly software:

1. You need to know basic English.
2. You need to know how to point and click with your mouse.

After programming 27 years worth of lotto numbers data and designing  complex numerical algorithms, this data took 3 programmers and 17 months to complete.  The results of the systems and formulas which have been built into this powerful software are regularly and consistently delivering, results and cash in the pockets of the system users.

Check out for Euromillions tickets; you can purchase current draw tickets and check past results. The cut-off times for purchasing tickets through is three hours previous to the Euro millions draw time. You will never have to miss another draw, and you can enjoy the luxury of buying online; you may just win through participation in a different Lottery which is offered by Take a chance. They are a Global Lottery Ticket Agent involved in over 50 Major Lotteries throughout the World. 

How To Play.....

  • The player selects five main numbers which can be any integer from 1 to 50;
  • The player selects two different lucky star numbers from a pool of 9 numbers.

Additionally several multiple bet options are available.

During the draw, five main and two lucky star numbers are then drawn at random from two draw machines containing numbered balls. The machines containing the fifty lottery balls is called Stresa, and the one containing the nine lottery balls is the Paquerette.

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Who can play the EuroMillions.....

  • Any person 18 or over which resides in a country involved in the lottery. The age may differ in some countries, such as 16 in the UK.
  • The game is currently available to players in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Or any Global Citizen who has access to this Syndicated Online Lottery Vendors provided for users who do not have access to any European kiosks.

EuroMillions Prize structure.....

Probability of winning  % of prize fund Expected winnings
Fraction Decimal
2 1 1 in 39 0.0256 24.0% € 9
1 2 1 in 103 0.00971 10.1% € 10
3 0 1 in 367 0.00272 4.7% € 17
2 2 1 in 538 0.00186 4.4% € 23
3 1 1 in 551 0.00181 5.1% € 28
3 2 1 in 7,705 0.00013 1.0% € 77
4 0 1 in 16,143 0.0000619 0.7% € 113
4 1 1 in 24,215 0.0000413 1.0% € 242
4 2 1 in 339,002 0.00000295 1.5% € 5,085
5 0 1 in 3,632,160 0.000000275 2.1% € 76,275
5 1 1 in 5,448,240 0.000000182 7.4% € 403,169
5 2 1 in 76,275,360 0.0000000131 32.0% € 15,000,000
Booster fund 6.0%

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