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Are there really bingo casino play games free available?

Yes, bingo lovers no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes to enjoy a fast and invigorating game of “blackout”.   The internet has made free bingo available online to anyone who has an internet connection.

Most bingo and slots casinos online gaming sites have a promotion of free money to encourage you to try their games.


Why has online bingo exploded onto the scene?  The ability to obtain so many bingo casino play games free policies has opened the doors for many new players to enjoy the game.  When you think of bingo you may picture an old lodge hall full of smoke, fried foods, and little old ladies.   No longer, say internet gaming experts, is the game of bingo limited to the elderly set.....people from all over the world, and all age groups, are enjoying playing bingo online.

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How to Find the Best Sites.....

To find bingo casino play games free or with real money it is hard to know where to start.  The trick is to find the best spots.   Experts say to look for professionally built gaming sites with eCOGRA or GPWA approval, they are the safest.   The bingo sites listed on this site are all eCOGRA  and GPWA approved.

Game Site Options.....

Jackpot Bingo is a professional site with an “I feel safe playing the game” atmosphere. This site certainly makes you feel at home and they do have great chat hosts, good promotions and friendly support go a long way in ensuring you’re part of their bingo family.

Are you a Loner or a Joiner?

Once you have found the site where you would like to play bingo casino play games free you will need to sign up on the website.

Signing up is usually a simple process and only takes a few moments.  Most bingo and slots casinos online offer free play and monthly memberships. It is a good idea to play on the site for free before joining as a paid member so you can see if the site is what you expected.


The games are played just like regular bingo games. A number is called, (appears on the screen), and you use auto dabber as the computer plays it for you.

There are several choice bingo game sites for you to play at Jackpot Bingo.  75 Ball bingo is offered in the ELBO Room (Everyone Loves Bingo).   You can play 75 ball pattern bingo in the School Room, and 90 ball bingo is available in both Bella’s Ball Room and Bob’s Bingo in a Box Room.   There are BOGOF games every Monday to Wednesday between 5pm and 6pm. Everyday between 1pm and 2pm plus 7pm and 8pm there is a mixed bag of games in Bob’s bingo in a Box room.

You will find sites that offer actual callers where you can hear the number as it is called. Most sites let you play for money. These sites have bonus jackpots and other incentives for members. If you love bingo, and want to play bingo online for free, get on the ‘net and sign up for a game. If you like the site and return to play again and again you will be offered special incentives to become a site member.  The choice is up to you.    Enjoy! 

There Are Other Games..... Play Progressive Jackpots or popular online Keno games.....or try the Scratch Cards where someone won 20,000 after spending only 1! If you’re looking for a bigger prize, then link games are for you.     Throughout the day, Jackpot City offers you link games so you can play against other bingo lovers in different bingo rooms.   All these bingo rooms belong to the same network.

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